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When I ate 10 grams of Magic Mushrooms

This is the story of a time I ate ten grams of magic shrooms. It was a long time ago when I first discovered psychedelics. I happened to know someone that was learning how to grow mushrooms, so I had access to large supply of fresh homegrown fungus. One day I made a visit and invested in a half oz of psychedelic mushrooms, the strain was "golden teacher", and they were freshly harvested the previous day. They were very healthy looking magic mushrooms, long stems with thick caps. They were caramel colored with golden speckled caps.Magic Shrooms
After I returned home I tried them out, sampling four grams, but that's another story. Later the next day I decided to take another trip. I weighed out five grams, one gran more than the day before. I was hoping the extra gram would make it that much more psychedelic. After munching down on the fungus I took a short walk to the end of the block to hang out with my uncle. He had plenty of experience with LSD growing up so I knew he would enjoy examining a prime example of magic mushrooms. In the midst of our conversation he convinced me that I should go ahead and eat the remaining 5 grams of mushrooms I had. He was pointing out that my tolerance would probably be high since I had just tripped the day before.

Now these were premium shrooms and I knew that I was gonna trip hard from my current dose, but that day I decided to go balls to the wall. Sitting there with my uncle, i took the remaining five grams, about 3 large mushrooms, and ate the one after the other. It was a personal victory. Within minutes I wrapped up my visit with my uncle and headed for my house. I was in a hurry to make it home lest I start tripping and get lost in my front yard. Shortly after making it home I began feeling the effects. It came on slowley with a slight body high, and this thought in the back of my head that shit was about to get weird. Eventually the effects became stronger with tracers becoming more visible, and Magic Shroomspatterns drifting slowley across the walls, which were also starting to breath in and out. While waiting for the magic, I watched a show on the tv avout the different rituals around the world that give boys the right to be called a men. Finally it became apparent to me that I was tripping balls. Waching the show I realized how weird humans in general were. I had an intense body high with a strong euphoria, and a deep sense of understanding and realization.

Patterns ran across the walls while tracers follow every movement. My sense of proportion was nonexistent. While wondering thru my two room house, I could see the walls brushing against my arms, and my head brushing against the celling. Almost like I took up the entire room. I sat down to figure out how to use my phone, or why it even exists. While entertaining myself, I could see out of the corner of my eye the table next to me growing to incredible heights, and a doorway expanding into a massive gateway, then I realized they were not growing, I was in fact shrinking. At that moment Alice in wonderland made a lot more sense. The next eight hours felt like a lifetime. The night was filled with chaotic visuals, unprevoked laughter and great discoveries about the human continence. The whole experience was major eye opener, and this story barley scratches the surface of the adventure I had that day. It was a trip I'll remember the rest of my life. That's my trip report.

Magic Shrooms