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first trip :)

Hi everybody, this is the story of my first trip on shrooms.

A friend of mine (let’s call him Wesley for the story) wanted to have a small relaxation night so he invited two friends (let’s call them Edward and Eric) and I (Damian) to his house for a sleepover. We were between 14-15 years old that time.
Directly as we came Wesley told there was a problem; his older brother had taken some of his weed leaving us with only one gram…
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We had a big joint but it was never enough as we were four. Thus my friend called his dealer who luckily was free that evening. Wesley and I went to the meeting point where the dealer was already waiting for us. Wesley bought five grams and at that point the dealer asked if we needed anything else. I directly remembered the conversation I had at the park earlier with a friend who had tried many drugs who told me that tripping on shrooms was absolutely magic. I asked the dealer if he had any and he smiled at me and took a ½ out of his pocket and sold it to me for 50 bucks. During the way home Wesley asked me questions about the shrooms : “Should we really take them? What will we see? How will it feel? Is it dangerous?...”. I told him trip stories that I had read and closer we came to his home the more exited we were.
As we came back we told about the shrooms to Edward and Eric. Edward directly accepted to try while Eric was more skeptic about it. He finally decided that he would watch over us as we took the shrooms. As my friend at the park had told me, we (Wesley, Edward and I) had 1/8 in an orange juice each and waited for the effects around a few joints. After 20 minutes Wesley and Edward started to contemplate the space around them and started to talk about colors they saw and sound they heard. 10 minutes after they were laughing together about things they saw.

I was really pissed because the effects weren’t coming and I finally took what was left with some water before joining Eric who was playing PlayStation.Magic Shrooms As I sat down and took the controller I started noticing that the game was running like in slow motion and the colors were intensified. After 5 to 10 minutes I looked down and I saw and felt that the controller was melting between my fingers. This scared the crap out of me and I threw the controller away. Between two hallucination periods Wesley shut the console down because it was making too much noise. Then happened the second thing that scared me even more ; I was still seeing things on the TV screen.
I closed my eyes and started to have incredible phosphene hallucinations. At first I was playing snake but the snake never actually grown as I ate the fruits and Just after a few seconds I was playing Mario Kart! I opened my eyes and everything in the room was like breathing, my friends were like moving like worms on the couch while the mat that moved remembered me of Aladdin. This continued for 30 minutes until the hallucinations calmed down. At that point I fell asleep even though it was only 1 a.m. I then had the most weird dreams in my life ; at first I saw rockets being launched and exploding in mid-air in atomic like explosions with thousands of colors. Then I was being sucked by a black hole for what seemed as an eternity before I was sucked into a world where I was a Pokemon trainer. I don’t remember other dreams I had after.
I woke up feeling a bit high at 12 a.m. Wesley and Edward were already awaken and Eric who had been playing on the computer all the night was still sleeping. I decided to go home and did with a big smile on my face.
The End of this story.

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