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B+ magic mushrooms

Using PF tek i grew and then dried some Psilocybe Cubensis B+ mushrooms. I ate 2.5 grams of dried mushrooms, taking them at about 5pm by myself in my bedroom. Whilst i waited for the effects to kick in I talked on facebook to friends and chose a film to watch. I decided to watch life of pi which i had downloaded earlier. I started to notice the effects around 5.45pm where the computer screen i was looking at suddenly became blurred and words became hard to read. Magic Shrooms
The colours on the screen when i did not focus on it were bright and intense. A friend rang to buy a ticket off me, and in my confused state i told him that the box office would be open much later than it actually was, he then said he was going to come round. At this point the walls started to have a bubble wrap like effect on them and waves seem to travel along them. I made myself a chocolate milkshake and as i was doing this my friend appeared. He stayed only about 30 seconds but long enough to be able to tell i had taken something as apparently my pupils were massive. When he had left I started to watch life of pi.

The film starts with shots of animals and a man narrating, the film had very intense colours and sounds. I had put on my lava lamp, fairy lights and a penguin that changes colours and these were all providing much entertainment for my eyes. As the film progressed i got more and more into the film and was shouting at the screen advice for the characters. I felt a lot of empathy with all the animals but could not understand why any of them would fight each other, i just wanted them all to get along. My visual trip was subsiding through the film and as the film was ending so was my visual trip. However I felt very peaceful and happy with the world. I rang a couple of friends who were revising for their exams (like i should have been doing) this made me feel happier that I had done this and not been stuck revising for the past couple of hours. As the trip was ending I put on a program about the origins of life and watched that. Overall it was a very good experience and made me love the film ‘life of pi’ and it was certainly a good break from revision.

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