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Cambodian Shroom Trip Report

After harvesting some fresh Cambodian Shrooms and giving bi-daily progress reports to my friends up in the Netherlands, I decided to surprise one of my friends on this convenient Friday afternoon. I show up at his place around 11pm. He shows me his little surprise to me, by little I mean a small bag of bud. So I must say I kind of dwarfed his gift. I had brought over 2.5 grams of dried mushrooms for each of us for our first midnight adventure on this substance. We each ate rather cautiously on his bed, and sat there for a good half hour waiting for the effects to kick in…

Magic Shrooms
I, being on an empty stomach was the first to feel the effects, and I must say the come up is very unsettling for me. My friend did not feel the effects for at least an hour after consumption, which made the beginning of the trip rather hard for me as he is rather stubborn and still to this day does not respect the power of psychedelia. But that is a story for another day. Only twenty minutes I began to see clover like patterns forming “under” my vision as I was browsing the internet. I still felt very uneasy, but it was time to go outside and explore!

We exit through his garage door and walk down the deserted roads of his crime free neighborhood. (You can walk down the roads as drunk as can be and nothing would happen to you, nor would you get stopped by the police). A few turns later and we turn into a subdivision with some houses under construction. My friend, being as stubborn and careless as he is, decides it would be best to go smoke the bud in the third story of a house under construction, in the pitch black. Keep in mind he still doesn’t feel the effects of the mushrooms, and I am very much tripping at this moment. You can imagine how scary a mansion under construction in the middle of the night is for someone just getting used to this state of mind. But In the end it’s the adventure that you look back on, isn’t it? We climb up two flights of stairs. As I climb up, the stairs appear to be covered with a very purple texture which seemed to comprise of mainly dots in a very geometric pattern. We end up finding a very convenient smoke spot (with the aid of our cell phone lights). He packs up a bowl, and hits it. I am very reluctant to take even one toke because I have heard about how it makes everything so much more intense. But I take a hit, and then another, and then another. Next thing I know I’m high as a kite. Our cell phone lights both die out, and even though there was pitch darkness, I saw very detailed patterns. I must mention that my favorite part about tripping is the visuals. We turn the lights back on and get out of there, only to trek through a field of mud.

We end up walking towards a lake that has a trail circling around it. When next thing I know we are discussing very intricate ideas and thoughts on what life is. I came to the conclusion, that deep down, our consciousness is nothing but the smallest amount of energy. We are nothing more than a representation of a specific energy, and the influence of other energies on our energy. Now try to imagine these energies as nothing, something that cannot possibly be seen by these dimensions we are bound to. That is what makes up everything, nothing. It made sense at the time, and it still in a vague way makes sense. The influence of psychedelics is truly amazing is it not?
Magic Shrooms
We get to the entrance of the trail, which is very ominous looking. As you cannot see anything further than 4 feet in front of you. We go in together, still having very deep intellectual conversations, when the next thing I know, the trail has become very unfamiliar. I am now in a very negative state of mind as well. I come to the conclusion that mushrooms give me very frequent mood swings, which I’m not sure is common or not, but I can see it being normal. 10 minutes in I finally see a familiar buildings lights from the offices shining. A landmark, finally, pfew. Next there is a bridge. My friend takes a moment to look over the bridge, but it wouldn’t do justice for me. I found myself perfectly content on the move, so I just walked in circles. I must have looked like a fool, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Continuing on we find ourselves climbing a 70 degree hill, the patterns and visuals are stronger than ever. Trees are moving every which way and all I can think of is getting to the top of the trail. After a good 10 minute climb we reach the top and walk through a patch of very tall grass back to the subdivision under construction. I lose track of my friend but find him 50 feet to the left of me walking through the grass patch. I hear him laughing like a maniac, and I still to this day do not know why.

We make it back to his house safe and sound. After getting to his room we settle down and watch TV. I would rather listen to music. I put on my favorite tripping music (Blackmill) and drift off. The closed eye visuals are in perfect synchronization with the music. I specifically remember a vision of “electrodes” reaching full capacity and then spinning out of control. Listening to music is simply the best! I begin to listen to artists I’ve never heard of before thanks to Pandora. My music adventure continues for a good two hours before I decide to try and get some sleep. Beforehand I ask my friend how he is doing. His response? “Im tripping balls”. And off to bed we go.

Magic Shrooms