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This trip was visionary

Substance(s): Magic Mushrooms, HWBR seeds, Syrian Rue extract
Set/setting: Good day, my house, the road, and my dads house.

2pm. I picked the magic mushroom that grew from the discarded contaminated PF cake. It was an unexpected mushroom. It bruised blue heavily. The cap was still closed, but the veil had just broken- the ideal harvest time. I put it in front of the fan, I was not sure I was gonna eat it today yet.
2:15-2:30pm. I searched for the stashed Hawaiian baby wood rose seeds and found them in my briefcase in the garage, next to the last of the Syrian rue extract. The rue extract was strong, the vendor said 25x but it was not standardized. I weighed it, 2.2 grams. I rolled it into a tight ball and swallowed it, right there. Magic Shrooms

2:30-3:00pm. I sat in my room at my desk and cut the Hawaiian baby wood rose seeds into tiny bits. I thought of “One of these days, I’m going to cut you into little pieces” (Pink Floyd). I was feeling a little “bright” from the rue already. I finished cutting up 18 seeds and swallowed them in 3 big gulps.
3:15pm. I finally ate the magic mushroom. I cut it up into bits and swallowed it as well. I decided to play Call of Duty Black ops II: Zombies. I did this for 20 minutes, totally sucking at the game and getting frustrated and yelling “Fuckers!!!!!” I was done with the xbox for that day. I layed down on the bed. My white textured ceiling was pulsing and swirling a little. I had forgotten that I’d already eaten the seeds and the rue already!
4:00pm. I sit up from a trance from the edge of the bed. I’d gone inside my head while staring at the ceiling. It was time to leave the house, or at least go out for a cigarette. I went outside. It was beautiful, but humid. I started pouring sweat. I decided to leave the house.

I went to the Blue Ridge parkway and drove for a little bit. I enjoyed some mountain overlooks and driving fast through curves. Overall it was just a very enjoyable drive. Next I decided to go hang out with my dad.
On the 18 mile drive to dads house trees swirled and leaves/bugs in the air made trails all around me on my 55 mile per hour sleigh-ride. I had my little dog with me, a blue Chihuahua. He kept giving me weird looks, he knew I was tripping. I went the back route, a scenic drive through pastures and country homes. I smoked a blunt. For the first time in a long time my driving seemed effected by the psychedelics. Usually Im the driver cause even after a ten strip I’m still straighter than everybody else…but not this time. More than once I scared myself going around curves and just driving in a jerky manor. But In spite of my psychedelic handicap I arrived safely. The time was now 7:45 pm. I was pretty much at the peak.
My dad and I watched tv and ripped the bong all evening. I was still at a +2 until about 9 pm when I started coming down and getting a slight headache. We were watching “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.” I was immobilized with hilarity most of the time the movie was on TV. I definitely recommend the movie. I came down and slept by 10:30pm.

This trip was visionary. I saw all the ways that I as a person did not respect all living things as equals and that I needed to do better in that respect. Apparently I had been off center and re-oriented myself! Just goes to show, psychedelics help us to be better, and happier people.

Magic Shrooms