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Orwellian trip.

When I took magic mushrooms I was deep in the forest, off trail. I took maybe 1-2 grams and walked until I got out of the mountain to the grave yard near where I live and I just felt sick. I didn't eat nothing but those mushrooms. I fell to the floor to rest and felt somewhat sick. It hit me as soon as I got out of the mountain, I guess. I tried to hold it off till I was safe.
Magic Shrooms

So I'm lying there at the base of the mountain looking across to another small mountain and I see this white house on it and I said “Man I wanna live there.” As I'm looking I become so close to the house I can see ever detail of it maybe an hour went by looking at it then I decided to go home (but before I go on, that house I saw is no longer there. I look now and it looks as if there wasn't ever a house and my ability to zoom in on things is now at a minimum).

So I'm at home and this word keeps popping in my head: "Orwellian state of mind". Like I wanted to tell someone about what was happening, but then the voice said I can't because everyone is thinking in an "Orwellian state of mind". I didn't know what that meant so I go on the computer and type it in and the first thing that pops up is the president signing away our freedom with a bunch of reptilian figures behind him smiling with menacing smiles.

By the way, humans don't run this government, beings of an other kind of awareness do. They feed off our negative energy such as fear/anger/frustration because those emit low frequency energy waves. That's why the government wants fear. They want us to be miserable for we are their food! Anyways, back to the story

I just found out what Orwellian state of mind is .. it's the way the government has changed the very fabric of our lives. They changed the rule/nature of us luminous beings. We are humans, god damn it!! We are nobody's food, we are magical creatures. One of the few or only that can transcend awareness. Magic Shrooms

If you can remember your whole life you're giving the dark sea of awareness exactly what it's after. Your life experiences, not your life force. It just happens that the two become tangled and both are taken.
Death only wants your life experiences. Once you've remembered the totality of oneself using your will at the moment of death, you separate your life experiences from your life force therefore keeping your flame of awareness going.

Death is a unifier. It brings your energy body to your physical body and you now become something that's even beyond my comprehension. You are now all energy, living closer to an inorganic being, meaning u can live for much longer, closer to trees life span. But one day you will have to give your awareness back to the gale or dark sea of awareness. After all, it was only lent to you to grow and then be consumed by the dark sea of awareness. Your thousands of pieces of perception sink deep into infinity where they came from eternity. Back to story
Magic Shrooms
So I found out that every one is living in an Orwellian state of mind on mushrooms and I just started crying. Like hard-on crying. I went downstairs to tell my mom and brother but they were so stupid. I took one single look at them and knew instantly that they were so f'ing stupid!! We all are! So I started crying harder and just as I was done my sister and her boy friend stumpy open my door and say "So, how were the shrooms!?!?" and I start laughing at the absurdity of it all. Everything was so perfectly placed that I pushed my assemblage point to a new position, the place of no pity. I was cold sort to speak I had such an indifference towards everyone it was scary.

I can now reach that place with no effort at all, what an achievement. What an achievement indeed!!! Thanks for listening. I hope u guys got something from this that you'll only understand 30 or 40 years from now, hehe. Peace

PS. We have the numbers now. Compared to the reptilians, or inorganic beings if u prefer, to many in fact that they want to kill off 80% of us. No joke, they said it themselves. Our own government which isn't even ours to begin with. Keep on your toes. Something horrible might happen by the year 2020. That's when they plan to have global control!

Magic Shrooms